Is Dyed Window Tint The Right Option For Your Car?

Posted on: 13 September 2022

Installing tint on your car seems like a relatively straightforward process. After all, what do you need to do besides choose your tint level and enjoy the shade? As it turns out, you'll need to make a few surprisingly complex decisions before getting to that point. First and foremost, you'll need to select the type of tint you want to install on your car. 

Common tint types include dyed, ceramic, metallic, infrared radiation dispersion (IRD), carbon, and more. Dyed tint film is typically the most cost-effective option, and it's often a good choice for buyers looking to stick to a budget. If you're considering this tint for your car, it's important to understand how it compares to the other available options.

What Should You Know About Dyed Tint?

Dyed tint often costs less than other options because it uses a more straightforward process to block light from entering your vehicle. While other tint films use high-tech techniques to block ultraviolet rays and reject heat, dyed tint is effectively window film with coloring applied. The dye blocks a certain amount of visible light, darkening your car's interior and providing extra privacy.

This approach has several pros and cons. Since dye effectively blocks visible light, dyed window tints will darken your windows and provide additional privacy. You often buy this film with lower VLT (visible light transmission) ratings, so it works well for blocking the view into your vehicle. On the other hand, dyed tint typically offers fairly minimal heat rejection.

One common complaint with dyed tint is the potential for fading, bubbling, and "purpling." Many people associate these symptoms with all types of tint, but they were far more common on older and cheaper films. Modern and higher-end films won't suffer from similar problems. In fact, higher-end dyed films often use "color stable" dye that can reduce this problem, minimizing the potential for long-term fading.

When Should You Choose Dyed Tint?

Dyed tint is most suitable for buyers on a budget or those buyers whose primary concerns are appearance and privacy. You can purchase dyed tints in numerous colors, so it's an excellent way to customize your vehicle's appearance without spending much money. Since it's effective at blocking visible light, it can also reduce glare and make your car more comfortable on sunny days.

Another factor to consider is that dyed tint won't affect cell phone signals. Some tints, such as metallic tints, can block or reduce electromagnetic transmissions. While these tints offer other advantages, the downsides can be fairly extreme. Going with a tried-and-true dyed window film will allow you to enjoy the benefits of tinting your windows without these drawbacks.

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