Recommendations to Keep Your Vehicle Windshield in Great Condition

Posted on: 31 May 2019

When you drive your vehicle on the roads and highways, your chances of sustaining damage to your vehicle windshield increase. Long commutes to and from work each day can put you at risk of a rock chip or a crack to your vehicle's front and back windshields. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your vehicle's windshields.

Hire a Professional

There are an unlimited number of videos online giving you step-by-step instructions so you can replace your vehicle windshield all yourself. This might save you some money on the labor, but it is not worth the risk to your safety, your vehicle, or the safety of others driving around you for you to risk completing the job improperly.

A new vehicle windshield needs to be placed properly inside your vehicle's front frame so that it connects fully with a tight seal. Any airbags can let water into your vehicle while you drive and can put the windshield at risk of coming loose. And if your back windshield needs replacement, the defroster wires need to be properly connected for this feature to work properly with your new window.

If you have a professional windshield replacement service replace your windshield, you can usually wait there for them to complete the job. You can also hire a windshield professional to come to your home or work and replace it while you are busy with other tasks.

Clean Up Any Glass

Don't worry when your front windshield gets cracked or broken, because it is made of laminated glass to protect you from shattered glass flying all over you and the inside of your vehicle. But if your back windshield, which is made of tempered glass, gets broken, it will shatter into tiny pieces that will go all over the place. If this occurs to your back windshield, or if the front laminated glass is completely broken out of your windshield space, make sure you clean up all the glass pieces.

Your windshield professional will clean up and vacuum any glass shards from inside your vehicle. However, you can clean up your windshield's shards on your own if they aren't likely to cause you injury. Just be sure to wear protective work gloves and vacuum up the pieces without handling them with your bare skin.

Maintain Your Auto Glass

Once you take care of replacing your vehicle's windshield, make sure you allow time for the windshield adhesive to cure. This can usually take up to one full day. You should keep your vehicle's windows cracked a bit during this time to prevent air pressure from pushing out your windshield's seal when you close your vehicle doors.

Be sure to have any rock chips that occur in your windshield filled and sealed at a professional rock chip repair location as soon as possible. This prevents the rock chip from spreading further through your vehicle's glass.