Tips For Making Your Car's Steering More Responsive

Posted on: 5 May 2017

If you live in an area that has a lot of narrow alleys and sharp turns, you likely want to make sure that your steering mechanism is as responsive as possible. This will allow you to ensure that you are getting the accuracy you need while you are driving to keep yourself, your passengers, and pedestrians around you safe. However, you car might not have the level of responsiveness that you want when it comes to its steering. Here are some tips for making your car's steering tighter and more responsive.

1. Look for Extensive Play in the Steering System

Play is the amount that the various components of the steering system are able to move around. If these components are allowed to move around a lot, then your steering is not going to be very responsive. If they don't move around much because the play is low, then you are going to be able to take sharper, tighter turns. If you do find that there is more play than you might prefer in the steering system, then you will want to look at the rack and pinion. Extensive play is often caused by one or both of these parts of the steering system being worn out.

2. Get New Parts for the Steering System

If you have checked to make sure that the pinion and the rack are not worn down to the point where they are causing extensive sway in the steering system, then you will need to replace some of your other parts. You can replace the U-joint and the isolator bushing, both of which are parts of the steering system that control how responsive the tires of your car are to the turn of your wheel. Talk to an auto repair professional for more details about exactly what you need to replace in order to reduce play.

3. Check Your Suspension

Finally, be sure that you check your suspension. The suspension of your vehicle, if lax, can make it difficult for your car to respond as quickly as you would like. If you find that your suspension is weak, you will need to get this part of your car repaired or replaced by a certified auto mechanic. Be sure that you always check your suspension after winter, which tends to be pothole season.

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